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Profile - Mr M T Sherratt - Director

    Professionally qualified Chartered Surveyor and Engineer with over 40 years' experience specialising in the minerals, landfill industries and associated industrial properties. Property types including Metalliferous, Aggregates, Hard Rock, Coal Sand and Gravel. Dimension stone, Salt, Polyhalite, Landfill Gas, Peat, Recycling Facilities, Blockworks, Brickworks and Gas Electricity Generation.

    Enthusiastic customer conscious approach with a successful track record in advising clients on valuation and technical matters throughout the UK. Experienced Expert Witness and advocate.

Particular Areas of Expertise

    Planning Revocation, Compulsory Purchase, Mineral Rights and Mining Code

      Advice and negotiation service in respect of mineral bearing land and land with landfill potential.

      Appointed Expert:

        Independent Expert - Specialist stone mineral Lease dispute
        Independent Expert - High quality sand and gravel deposit
        Independent Expert - Specialist Dimension stone
        Independent Expert - Hard rock
        Lands Tribunal case - Sand and Gravel Dispute
        Lands Tribunal case - Coal Dispute
        Channel Tunnel Rail Link
        Thames Water Heathrow Terminal 5
        High Court Appearance - Expert Witness - Mineral Rights 2020
        Arbitration Appearance - Expert Witness - Landfill Lease 2017

    Rating Valuation

      Negotiation and settlement of rating appeals with the Valuation Office Agency, Scottish Assessors and Specialist Mineral Valuers of the Inland Revenue dealing with wasting assets.

      Practised in the analysis of market place evidence and its application to rating and valuation principles, in particular Rentals, Receipts / Expenditure, Contractors and Comparison Approach with associated rent / royalty experience and analysis. Experienced Valuation Tribunal Advocate and Expert with a successful record at Valuation Tribunal Hearings. Experience of dealing with problematic sites involving coal / contamination, settled by agreement following Lands Tribunal Appeal.


      Valuations for Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax purposes. Can operate along with other professionals e.g. Lawyers and Accountants.


      For sale, lease or acquisition of minerals, landfill and associated properties. Including lease management.

      Appointed Expert Witness for High Court Case, Lands Tribunal Cases and as joint expert in disputes.

    Mining Subsidence

      Advice on mining related problems and their impact on surface and near surface structures, services and land.

      Will act on behalf of owners, operators and occupiers and for alleged damage and losses resulting from mining subsidence.

    Mining and Mineral Rights

      Working and technical Rights issues relating to minerals and alleged minerals. Reviewing with appropriate professionals and lawyers on a case by case basis. High Court Expert Witness 2020.

Employment Background

    M T S Consultancy LTD (1995 to date)

      UK wide consultancy specialising in rating, minerals and landfill properties and associated matters.

    Blue Circle Industries

      Rating and minerals surveyor. UK wide role.

    Valuation Office Agency (Minerals)

      Specialist Mineral Valuers of the Valuation Office Agency.

      Responsible for rating, tax and compensation valuations throughout England and Wales. Valuation advice to statutory bodies and Local Authorities.

      Advice on mining related matters to Local Authorities throughout the south west of England.

      Identifying likely Mineralized Areas throughout England and Wales.

    British Coal

      Certificated Mines and Quarries Board Statutory Mining Surveyor

      Responsible for technical and administration of subsidence claims against British Coal throughout the midlands and north of England.

Professional Qualifications and Professional Involvement

    Mines and Quarries Mining Surveyor - Statutory Qualified Mine Surveyor.
    Chartered Mineral Surveyor.
    Incorporated Engineer.
    Associate Member of the Institution of Mining Engineers.
    Expert Witnesses Member.
    Former External Examiner to Camborne School of Mines.
    RICS Minerals Member for Independent Expert Nomination
    Former Faculty Board Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
    British Geological Survey - Former Regional Advisory Board Member.

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